Can graylog, mondodb, and elsaticsearch run on a single VM

Hello Everyone

I am setting up the environment on ubuntu 20, and I’m wondering if it is fesible to run all 3 applications on a single VM. We have about 200 nodes (mostly switches, 8 wireless controllers, and 2 PANs.

Thank you

Hello && Welcome

Yes this is possible. This would depend on what type of log are sent ( Syslog UDP, GELF, etc…, How you are ingesting these log (Type of INPUTs used). In one environment we have and OLD Graylog server v2.4.x with 4 cores, 500 GB HDD, and 8 GBs RAM, there are over 150 nodes/devices ranging from switch’s, firewall, Window server, workstations, Linux boxes, AP’s, etc…

So the moral of the story is yes, but I would defiantly read this documentation first.

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