Adding a second Graylog Server VM/creating a cluster

We are a school district. We have been testing Graylog on an Ubuntu (18.04) VM to much success. We will be installing two a new machines to be our Hypervisors- XCP-ng with Xen Orchestra front ends. I am confident about building a new Ubuntu VM and installing Gray log and bulding another Ubuntu VM but am not confident in tying a second Graylog server to the first to start a cluster. Is there a tutorial? I read MongoDB does not like even number of instances-has anyone seen this? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jorge

Hello @dmjorge

Not sure if you seen this documentation for a bigger production setup.

Have two node cluster technically, yes. Is it useful, no.
The minimum recommended configuration for a replica set is a three member replica set with three data-bearing members: one primary and two secondary members. You may want to see this documentation

Depending on how big your environment is, I would just run one server with all three services on it, If your concerned about redundancy and this is a virtual machine. I would look into create a backup on your virtual machine HDD instead of running two node cluster. There are application that we use for FREE like Veeam. There is a limit but I have found this works great for small environments that I need.

Maybe that is something to look into. Just an fyi, we run Windows Server Core 2019 clusters and KVM clusters.

Sorry I cant give you a more direct answer but if you just want to try two node cluster out maybe in a dev environment just to see if its useful to you or your company.

Hope that helps

Thank you for the info and links to the documentation.

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