Multiline lookup dsv or csv

any hints of how i can get the values from csv or dsv lookup
since i cant add more than one value in setup ? i want to lookup on ip key collum and get the answer on all values

“”,“Malspam (2016-04-26) - Dridex botnet 122”,“2016-04-26”,tlp:white"

The best way would be probably to concatenate all values to one key like separated e.g. by ;

“”,“Malspam (2016-04-26) - Dridex botnet 122;2016-04-26;tlp:white"

And then use split(";") pipeline function to extract values from it.

yes thats a good idea thanks
im also trying to test to see if i can use the httpjson to work against MISP so i can do the loookup on ip or url/domain and enrich it that way to…

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