Some questions about lookup tables

Hi !
i’m having some questions about lookup tables :slight_smile: Hope someone can help me !

  1. Is it possible to have a multi value CSV data adapter ? (would be great… but i dont think it’s possible ?)
  2. Will the GeoIP resolver disappear in the future ?

Thanks a lot !

Do you have an example use case for this?

Ultimately yes, but definitely not in Graylog 2.4.x.

Yes, i have to populate some logs with values from our LDAP. So i have a script which generate me a CSV file with all my users and all the fields that are important to us.
So for one user, i will lookup at his UID and get values for knowing if it’s a staff member, a researcher, a student.
In the same CSV i also have the value for this user of the department, the course, …
So today, i have 3 CSV data adapters (and more to come) with the same CSV file :frowning: if we can just have multi-value it will be great !!

Sounds pretty useful to me.

Would you mind creating a feature request at

@jochen Done !

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