More general questions about how Graylog works

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I am receiving logs and messages on Graylog, but now I would just like to know more about how Graylog works.

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  • OS Information: CentOS 7

  • Package Version: ?

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I have tried to search it up online, but I am not familiar with a lot of technical terms…

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How does Graylog obtain log messages? Is it pulling them straight from the source? If they are straight from the source, how can I find out where the location is on the source (i.e. what path)?
Or does Graylog creates its own messages, and if so, how can I find out what kind of messages these are?

Tom At Lawrence Systems does a great job explaining his way through Graylog. That will likely cover a lot of your questions on how it works. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response.

Actually, this video has been my reference video since I started playing with Graylog - I just need some clarifications: are these log messages raw from the source (and not formatted by Graylog, besides the extractors)?

I also noticed that port 1514 is the usual port for syslogs, but can a raw plaintext UDP input and a raw plaintext TCP input both use this port?

One or the other - use an alternative port if you have to.

Why? I have one input at UDP1514 and other input on TCP1514 and its no problem

I had read it as you were sending TCP ~AND~ UDP to the same input rather than two inputs same port. Should be fine the way you have it!


So if I want to configure new inputs, do I have to configure the Graylog server IP on the client/source side every time? In other words, for Graylog to receive logs, do I always have to configure a IP with port number at the two endpoints?


Example: Graylog input for any devices using Syslog UDP port 514 , settings click Global and bind address to

As for the client/log shipper use Graylog IP address /w Port needed.


Thank you for your response.

As for inputs, I see the field “Active connections” for some of them. What does that mean?

For example, for my raw TCP input right now, it says “Active connections: 2 (75 total)”, although network IO and msgs/s are all 0.

To keep the forums searchable, it’s best to start a new topic for each question rather than a running dialogue. It also facilitates everyone having a chance to chime in for answers since additions to a single topic only show up as NEW for anyone who has written in it… :smiley:


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