Syslog UDP and Raw/Plaintext UDP not accepting input, TCP works


Hello all,

I have a fresh install of Graylog on CentOS 7 with two inputs:

Syslog TCP on Port 1514
Syslog UDP on Port 1514

The Syslog TCP input is accepting messages from network devices and using Kiwi Syslog Message Generator, however the Syslog UDP input is not accepting (or at least not showing) any messages in Graylog from any device or Kiwi Syslog Message Generator.

I have confirmed:
Ports opened and listening using ss to confirm
Ports allowed through the firewall
The input is running
There is no other firewall between the graylog server and other network devices
No errors in server.log

I have tried:
Disabling firewall
Disabling SELinux
Setting up a different Syslog UDP input on port 8888
Binding the input to the servers IP address rather than
Setting up a Raw text UDP input on port 1514

I’m pretty stumped now due to the fact TCP works absolutely fine, just not any form of UDP.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards,

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Use Wireshark or tcpdump to check whether any UDP packets arrive on the Syslog UDP input at all.
If there was any traffic, Graylog would show that on the System/Inputs page:

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