Mongo Graylog divorce

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Just a quick question.
Would it be prudent or beneficial at some point or scale to split mongo off to it’s own server/s separate from graylog?

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From what I’ve seen and read so far: no it wouldn’t.

The MongoDB requires very little resources, as it’s not used actively for data storage. Of course, one could reason that it’s yet another background process taking up space, but then the question is: do you want to dedicate a separate VM just to MongoDB? Or do you accept a little bit of overhead?

Mind you: if your environment already HAS a MongoDB infrastructure, by all means shunt the Graylog config database into that one! That would be efficient use of resources!

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if you limit the resource limit… else it will eat almost all of your (free) memory :slight_smile: (ok, it’s a bit exaggeration)

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