Mongo memory usage keep growing



This is my very first post here so please, bear with me if I am doing anything wrong :slight_smile:

I am running a simple graylog instance, with everything on the same host (graylog / mongo / es), I can see from our monitoring console the mongodb memory usage keeps growing.

From my understanding the mongo space only stores configuration data, so I guessed the memeory usage should not grow over time, but it does…

Any clue about the root cause for this ?

System info :

  • mongodb-org-server 3.4.9
  • graylog-server 2.3.1-1
  • elasticsearch 2.4.6

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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Do you mean the disk usage or the size in the machine’s main memory?


I mean the ram usage of the mongodb process :

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What’s the unit of the y-axis? Is it percentage of main memory, megabytes, gigabytes, or something completely different?


It’s GigaBytes, do you have any clue ?

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Your posts are a bit scarce in actual data.

What do the typical MongoDB monitoring tools say?

Anything extraordinary in the logs?


Sorry for the delay, did not have the time yet to g, which is not blocking. Blocking issue are overtaking this one, I’ll get back here with pertinent data asap.

Thanks a lot for your time

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