I am using Elasticsearch 6.8 Graylog 3.0.2 and mongo 4.0.16

I am using the plugin to push graylog metrics to datadog and I am able to get the metrics (metrics-reporter-datadog-3.0.0.jar).

As mentioned in the plugin documentation I have set the

metrics_datadog_hostname: ip-10-0-3-55.ec2.internal (private-DNS)`

metrics_datadog_detect_ec2_hostname : true`

metrics_datadog_udp_address : ipaddress:8125`

The above setting works fine and I get the metrics in datadog. However the
datadog is running as daemon set and agents are restarting and the ip
address is changing after sometime and I can not get the metrics in

How can I resolve this?

Can I include multiple hostnames for metrics_datadog_hostname seperated by a comma and multiple ip address for metrics_datadog_udp_addres seperated by a comma. Because I am using statefulset for graylog and I have 4 pods running. And daemonset for datadog with 25 agents (pods).

Please help.

Thank you