Adding include filter to datdog metric sends all metrics and seems to make no difference


We’re currently using the Datadog metrics reporter. It’s working fine but we wanted to filter the number of metrics it sends to Graylog. I tried doing that by adding the following line to Graylog config:

metrics_datadog_include_metrics = org.graylog2.shared.journal.KafkaJournal.uncommittedMessages

However, when I added this line and restarted the Graylog server, the filtering did not kick in. All Graylog metrics were sent to Datadog, while I expected only uncommittedMessages to be sent. I tried this one one more host with the same result.

I’ve only 2 other metrics related configuration:

metrics_datadog_enabled = true
metrics_datadog_transport = UDP

I am using the follwing JAR which does seem to contain the code required for metric filtering:

Any input on what could be going wrong is greatly appreciated.



the metric you are looking for is org.graylog2.journal.entries-uncommitted on each node to get the nodes journal.

@jan I see the org.graylog2.shared.journal.KafkaJournal.uncommittedMessages metric being reported to Datadog, and it’s defined here in code as well:

In any case, I just tried using the configuration you suggested, but again, all other metrics are being reported as well. Basically, the filtering does not seem to be working at all.

This might be a bug - does it happen too if you select two values and not just one? Or if you select org.graylog2.shared.*

Would be nice to get a detailed bug report over at:

Thanks, I’ve posted an issue since I observe the same problem with a filter involving a wildcard too:

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