Message processing - Graylog 3.1

Hey everyone!,

I am getting a issue on graylog suddenly messages stop showing and node status showing these details,

The journal contains -107,720,029 unprocessed messages in 1 segment. 68 messages appended, 0 messages read in the last second.

any fix for the issue.

he @sohailmeer

I would assume that your Graylog journal is corrupt. That happens mostly because you do not have the space that is configured for the journal exclusive for Graylog. So Graylog tried to write to the journal but did not have enough diskspace and by that the journal gets corrupt.

The only cure, stop Graylog, delete the journal, take care you have the configured journal space, maybe adjust the configuration and start Graylog.

Thank you i’ve read your one of the recent post regarding removing journal, it was because of full disk space.

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