Graylog node shows negative number of unprocessed messages

(Sai Aditya Varma) #1

After journal was full, I cleared journal and from then it started showing a negative number of unprocessed messages. @jochen help plz

(Jan Doberstein) #2

did you stopped Graylog, deleted all content from the journal folder and started Graylog again? @aditki

(Sai Aditya Varma) #3

yes when my elastic search was down and there were a lot of unprocessed messages which i didnt want them to be processed. So, i cleared the journal. @jan

(Jan Doberstein) #4

so you stopped graylog - delete the journal - and started graylog again?

I see this only if not all content of the journal is deleted - so you might have missed something.

(Sai Aditya Varma) #5

@jan No the node is up when i deleted the journal. i deleted the journal and restarted graylog again. But i guess the elastic search cluster was down then.

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