Unprocessed Messages in Journal

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We keep getting the issue of the journal filling with unprocessed messages. I have found the solutions of: Removing and recreating the internal ‘server.log’ text file or fully deleting the ‘journal’ file.
What I would like to know is why does this issue keep occurring? It is not viable for us to have to go into the back-end of our Graylog each day to resolve this issue and I would like the be able to stop it all together, has anyone got any ideas as to why this occurs?




What error messages do you see in your logs?

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I don’t believe we see anything, however I will have a look again when it goes down next.
I will also look into the ElasticSearch logs.




Check your ES logs, I just corrected the same thing because ES was getting to many many fields for a single index (1000). Perhaps this can help you.

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Checked the logs and all I could find was the disk usage was over 85% and then the disk went 100% full. I believe that this was the cause of the issue, I will give it a few hours to ensure we don’t run into this problem again.




That will absolutely cause issues. Make sure you have enough space for your journal and ES to be happy or the system will crash.

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