Journal Message processing


Im really new to graylog and very flashed of the good functionality.

Unfortunately I have the same issues regularly. We are collecting logs 200messages/s

Here are the specs: 3 nodes, every has 4 CPUs and 16 GiB RAM.

Diskspace is nearly empty.

It is no option for us to loose the messages. How can I prevent this from happening? And how can I tell graylog, to start processing the disk journal?

kind regards,

Hej Philipp,

please do not highjack older topics - if you have only messages in your Journal you might have some issues with your elasticsearch.

The message rate you mention shouldn’t create any issues here.

Without knowing anything about your Infrastructure, (Graylog servers, Elasticsearch servers giving any suggestions is like a :crystal_ball:

ps: I have split your post from the past thread as we do not like high-jacking threads here.

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