LUT not in a Decorators d/d

Hey, guys,

I run onto strange behavior:

  1. created a data adapter for the reverse DNS lookup;
  2. created “no cache” cache;
  3. created lookup table (LUT) using previous entities;
  4. tried to use the LUT as a decorator for one stream – it didn’t appear in dropdown (d/d) menu;
  5. created pipeline, with simple rule, which used the LUT;
  6. tried to use this pipeline as a decorator – it didn’t appear in d/d menu;
  7. connect the pipeline to the stream – data started enriching.

This was already reported several times, here are links for looks-the-same behavior:

Our env is: 3 x GL 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 with mongo v4.0.8 in replica set mode on each GL host.

he @Denis

if possible, please create a bug report over at github:

please add as much information and a way to reproduce to the report.


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