Lost Functionality with 1.x Sidecar - Config Tags

Howdy! A helpful feature that existed in the 0.x versions of Sidecar was the ability to include a tag in the sidecar.yml file - which would, in turn, pull down the config on install and logs would be flowing without any interaction on the server-side. While being able to change configs in the 1.x versions is an EXCELLENT feature post-install of Sidecar, I’m running into an issue when a large number of endpoints have sidecar installed (think 1000+) and each need to have a configuration applied. This becomes even more tedious when dealing large number of devices that need different configs applied, and the only identifier available from the Administration page is the Hostname.

Is there any way to set a ‘default’ config somewhere either in the sidecar.yml file or on the command line during install, or any plan to bring this back into the picture?


currently that is not possible. But it will be given at some point again. Currently no date for that feature.

Most users use to talk to the API direct to make that happen.

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