Lookup result always return null for single value jsonpath

Hi All,

I am using HTTP JSONPath as Data Adapter Type in lookup tables to get single value lookup but it’s not working as expected.

We have created API using node.js and below is the url and its response,



        "_index": "test-node",
        "_type": "nodes",
        "_id": "18216d80-b9d476-7a0e9233716b",
        "_score": 7.926042,
        "_source": {
            "parent_id": "RD00155DF24AE6",
            "id": "RD00155DF24AE6::IIS_Access",
            "uuid": "18216d80-b9d76-7a0e9233716b",
            "timestamp": "2019-08-09T20:05:17.973079Z"
        "_index": "test-node",
        "_type": "nodes",
        "_id": "99aa2220-76-7a0e9233716b",
        "_score": 4.9414196,
        "_source": {
            "parent_id": "RD00155D6AF6D1"
            "id": "RD00155D6AF6D1::IIS_Access",
            "uuid": "99aa2220-d76-7a0e9233716b",
            "timestamp": "2019-08-09T20:05:18.594186Z"

I am trying to test the lookup in graylog but the single & multi value always return “null” and below is the screenshot reference,

Please correct me if am doing anything wrong and help me to resolve the issue.

Ganeshbabu R

you might need to urlendcode your special character (the ::) in the Key