Logging USB disk connections

I’d like to start logging connected USB drives/storage to device (PCs, servers). This function is avaible from Windos 10 and Windows server 2016. But I have still Windows 7; 8 and Windows server 2012R2.
Do you know some solutions? Do you know any agent, which I can use?
How can I set this option on Linux system?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Pavlis,
I’d suggest you run an update of your infra in the first place! Running software products without maintenance is not according to the best practices and the queen would not be amused.
Beside that I’d like to link you some documentation from nxlog how to do it. nxlog can be configured via sidecars as well :slight_smile:

but i can’t. It is technoly systems. I read on Microsoft webpage, that Windows can logging this information from windows 10, windows 2016.

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