Collecting Windows Logs with nxlog doesn´t work properly

I just tried to collect some Windows Logs from a Windows Server 2019. My Graylog Server is located on a ubuntu 22.04 machine. I did the same procedure as the youtube video suggested:

After i edited the conf file and restarted the nxlog service there are still no logs that are collected via graylog. There also doesm´t seem to be an error because the input is running with no data collected.

Is there someone who had this issue already or maybe who can help? It´s my first time using it.

Did you look at your Errorlog?

Iam guessing you are getting indexing Errors.

For better Context:
Do you have this setup in an corporate enviroment i.e. at work or at Home?

An Input can run, even if there arent any Logs received.

I would not use this tutorial. NXLog is a b**** to manage. Maybe look into using a Beat.

Standard Questions:

  • IP-Connections set correctly?
  • Ports Open/Unblocked on your source?
  • Do you have other LogSources that you can compare against? i.e. (Linux-Servers/Machines or other devices/Services)?