Log collector chunk problem

Hi all,
I’m encountering problem with fresh install of Graylog (4.0.9, OVA version), correctly licensed with trial license.
I’ve successfully installed side collector on windows side and created beat input.
I can see my windows server on sidecar overview.
I follow the documentation instructions and try to configure sidecar.
So I select edit button on the line winlogbeat.
After 5-10s, default template indicate ‘Loading component failed: Loading chunk b6c24c3d-13 failed. (error:’

Does anyone have an idea on this problem please ??

Thanks a lot…

Hello, Lhuss, and welcome to the community. I’ve noticed that your post hasn’t received any responses. I’ve moved your post to “Daily Challenges” where it’s more likely to get noticed.

Can you please add more information if possible? Perhaps screenshots or log data, etc? The more information you can include, the more likely your post will get a response.

There is another post in the community that addresses your post’s error:

It doesn’t seem directly related to your issue, but perhaps it will provide some clues.

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