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Good morning everyone.
Graylog 5.1 installation was successful except that it only works if the server is connected to the internet.
For my use, however, it must be connected to a closed LAN without internet access. But, in this case, it remains on the login screen with, on the left in the white part, the writing:
Welcome to Graylog
Loading, please wait…

Ubuntu 22.04
Graylog 5.1
nginx 1.18.0
opensearch 2.8.0
mongo 6.0.7

For the installation I followed the guide in official site Ubuntu installation

and installing nginx server

Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to help me

Can you see in browser dev tools which request is hanging?

Thanks in advance
I tried looking but I don’t know what to look for

it seems to be stuck on this initiator:


But I’ve never enabled plugins, I just installed everything (it was working because I logged in) and then I entered the server in the lan.

I deleted all plugins from /usr/share/graylog-server/plugins folder
and left graylog-storage-opensearch2-5.1.3.jar (I use opensearch)

Now the page stops at the initiator


Please help me!!!

@francemic Please restore those plugins - GL uses a plugin architecture itself - these are not optional plugins. Confirm that GL works again when internet is available.

OK, now please reproduce the issue and post a screenshot of your browser devtools network tab. We need more data to understand what’s going on.

Plugins restored
graylog-server restarted
Confirm GL works on internet
The highlighted line is repeated approximately every 15 seconds

We are working on debugging - sit tight

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Ok, thanks a lot for your help

We tracked down the issue to overactive offline detection in Firefox.
A fix should be in the next update release:

Meanwhile, you can use a different browser to work around the issue.

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A thousand thanks.
I installed Chrome and now it works.

Thanks again for your availability and good work.

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