Listen on UDP IPV4 Port 1514

My problem is when I run netstat and look at the open ports, all I see for Graylog is IPV6 UDP Ports. I’m trying to get IPv4 UDP port 1514 open for UDP syslog messages into graylog. I do have the INPUT created in graylog. This is on Ubuntu Server 20 using the Graylog Ubuntu docs to build Graylog.

I found this in the manual:

Problems with IPv6 vs. IPv4?

If your Graylog node refuses to listen on IPv4 addresses and always chooses for example a http_bind_address like :::9000 you can tell the JVM to prefer the IPv4 stack.

Add the flag in your graylogctl script or from wherever you are calling the graylog.jar :

~$ sudo -u graylog java -jar graylog.jar

The above command is coming back with "usage: graylog []. so I’m missing something with getting the "" added to the graylogctl script. The graylog.jar file is not readable so not sure where/what script I need to be editing.


What version of graylog are you using?
Did you manaully install Graylog or did you use a package installer?

I followed the Ubuntu Install Instructions found here:

It was installed using the package installer per the instructions. It had me install version 3.3 - latest

Couple of quick points here:

  • 4.0.6 is the latest version of Graylog. If you’re installing 3.3.X, I assume you got to that version of the docs through a search of some sort.
  • You should be able to add the to the environment variable GRAYLOG_SERVER_JAVA_OPTS in /etc/default/graylog-server and restart Graylog to have it use IPv4 explicitly

Thank You!! That worked!

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