LDAP Query groupMembership Novell eDirectory

I have been given the task of configuring ldap / ad authentication to our gray log server.
I have connected to ldap Novell eDirectory server. Test connection works.
When i clic in LDAP Group Mapping , i found the groups .
But when i check a login test with a user of my ldap system the LDAP server did not return any groups for the user.
The attributes of Novell Edirectory Ldap Server for groups is groupMembership and in Graylog java code not looking for this

Bellow the command ldapsearch what i use to show the groups of my user:

ldapsearch -x -h ldapserver -b o=ouserver"(uid=userexample)" groupMembership
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Any update on this ?

If you are query for groups of groups - that is currently not possible.