Ldap group mapping doesnot show ldap groups

group mapping list is not shown although the ldap server connection is useful. i want to get multiple ldap groups from active directory and assign them with the roles i have created. however ldap group mapping page doesnot list my active directory groups. any help would be great for me.

Did you check to see if the group filter query is correct? We use OpenLDAP and that works fine, I know Active Directory requires a few changes to the configuration for it to pick up groups properly but I have no experience with it.

I do recall someone else asked here recently so try a forum search, see what comes up :slight_smile:

I initially had some trouble with groups, turns out I wasn’t being patient enough (we have a very large AD).

Make sure your Group Mapping base DN is correct, and that you have some groups ready matching your search pattern. We use


And we have a number of groups such as “gs-graylog-dashboard-all” etc.

Then on the group mappings page, load it and wait - There is no feedback, but after a while, a number of groups will show up and you can then map them to roles that you have defined.

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Awesome :slight_smile: I guess I didn’t think of that, we only have about 10 groups under the group search dn for Graylog so it’s near instant to load… didn’t consider that if you have a larger setup that it may just take longer for things to show up :smiley:

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