Ldap group mapping doesnot show ldap groups

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group mapping list is not shown although the ldap server connection is useful. i want to get multiple ldap groups from active directory and assign them with the roles i have created. however ldap group mapping page doesnot list my active directory groups. any help would be great for me.


(Ben van Staveren) #2

Did you check to see if the group filter query is correct? We use OpenLDAP and that works fine, I know Active Directory requires a few changes to the configuration for it to pick up groups properly but I have no experience with it.

I do recall someone else asked here recently so try a forum search, see what comes up :slight_smile:


(Lindon Morris) #3

I initially had some trouble with groups, turns out I wasn’t being patient enough (we have a very large AD).

Make sure your Group Mapping base DN is correct, and that you have some groups ready matching your search pattern. We use


And we have a number of groups such as “gs-graylog-dashboard-all” etc.

Then on the group mappings page, load it and wait - There is no feedback, but after a while, a number of groups will show up and you can then map them to roles that you have defined.

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(Ben van Staveren) #4

Awesome :slight_smile: I guess I didn’t think of that, we only have about 10 groups under the group search dn for Graylog so it’s near instant to load… didn’t consider that if you have a larger setup that it may just take longer for things to show up :smiley: