LDAP not working

Hello team, i tried configuring Graylog LDAP but it isnt working just yet and i am running Graylog version 2.4. I did the connection test and it worked perfectly but when i tried testing with a user, it failed.

Below are the error messages:

Kindly advise on what am not doing right.


The credentials for accessing the LDAP server are incorrect.

Please refer to http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/users_and_roles/external_auth.html#ldap-active-directory for details about using LDAP or Active Directory with Graylog.

I have read the documentation over and over @jochen.

But it still isnt working. The documentation isn’t detailed for the “User Mapping” Section.


There’s an issue on GitHub describing a similar problem:

Hi @jochen, is it a must i configure the “Group Mapping” part for it to work fine? because i can see on the page that the part is optional.


The LDAP group mapping should be optional.

I have removed the LDAP group mapping configuration and have been troubleshooting since but it still hasnt worked…any path to check again @jochen??

Did you configure the LDAP account to be used when binding to AD? The little red box is the domain name in its NetBIOS form (not an FQDN)


yes i did…i went ahead to test the Server connection and it worked fine.

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