LDAP/AD Config to search in multiple Directory Domains

I want to search in multiple directory domains. Lets say DOMAIN1.NO and DOMAIN2.COM .
The issue is that I want leave empty the “Search Base DN” field but is required to fill in something.

I have 2 DCs one with DC=NO and the other DC=COM. I cannot put them both. It will work only with one of them.
I have different users in each one. I manage to successfully “Test login” leaving empty “Search Base DN” field, but the Graylog doesn’t let me saving the configuration with this field empty.
Anyone knows if there is possible to put both settings with OR clause or something. I tried to put different settings like DC=* or (|(dc=no,dc=com)) but not able to do a success “Test Connection”.
I was able to successfully test connection for all the users from both Directory Domainsonly only leaving that “Search Base DN” field empty.

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