Kafka Input Plugin Zookeeper dependency


In the Kafka input, what is the Zookeeper configuration for? Is this needed to:

    1. Tell the plugin where the kafka servers are
    1. Tell the plugin the state of the kafka servers as recorded by the kafka servers
    1. Store the last offset retrieved after retrieving messages from kafka

The reason I’m asking is because I’m looking at trying out Jocko, which is a Go-based Kafka replacement that does not use Zookeeper. I may have to modify the Kafka input to store offsets in something else (like Mongo?) but I don’t want to pursue that until I know exactly what Graylog needs Zookeeper for.


Graylog is internally still using Kafka 0.9.x and the legacy high-level consumer which required ZooKeeper instead of the more modern Java API.

While we have plans to modernize that part of Graylog, it’s not scheduled for any release yet.

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