Invalid sdk runnign on local IDE

Hi all,
i am trying to support the grylog’s opensource but i am encountering some problems installing the needed environment for the server side.

I have cloned master branch using graylog-project cli tool and ran maven compile using jdk 17 (it failed using any other version stating 17 is the required one.) but when i am running the build i get an error stating skd 17 does not support the source version 1.5 :
"java: error: release version 5 not supported

Module graylog-plugin-threatintel SDK 17 does not support source version 1.5.
Possible solutions:

  • Downgrade Project SDK in settings to 1.5 or compatible. Open project settings.
  • Upgrade language version in Maven build file to 17. Update pom.xml and reload the project.

the maven comiler source is set to 17.

when i try to run it with 1.5 it cant run the code to to it being written for a more advanced version (for example it uses the diamond operator)

futhermore, while it hasn’t crashed on them yet, i have some unmet dependencies in the code that the compile did not download

should I have gotten them from the compile even though it finished succesfully?

Hey @Amitsh1122

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