Integrate the graylog rest api in code

I need to add the integration of Graylog rest API for creating the Streams automation in my typescript code.

So how can I do it

How can I do it using code?

Hello and Welcome @Rishav

Have you tried the Graylog API browser?

Or have you looked here

@gsmith Yes, I know about the Graylog API browser.

But how to use this in the code - should we have to use Graylog npm libraries?

I have no idea how to use it in code please help - can you please share an example with graylog rest API

Im not sure what code your referring to but I use cURL.

here is and example of curl command

curl -XGET

You can find more here in the documentation.

My Methodology is kind of like this:

We have some API services running - we need to the configure alert/notification/Stream for the API’s with Graylog. So, I’m automating this thing - whenever next time I make any new API I have to just call the function(Graylog alert/notification/Stream function ) and the function will create the Stream/rule/Alert automatically for that API


Ok… see if I understand this.

You have API’s setup on Graylog and you need to setup the alert/notification/Stream with those API’s?

So you need one API for Alerts, One API for Notification && One API fro a stream

When you stated “function” are you referring to API call?

You can use cURL with a bash script and attach it to CRON, is that something your looking for?


root# curl -v https://graylog_server:9000/api/alerts/callbacks

curl --insecure -u greg.smith


“total”:15,“alarmcallbacks”:[{“id”:“5a502f9cffe8b10359167675”,“type”:"org.graylog2.alarmcallbacks.EmailAlarmCallback “,
configuration”:{“user_receivers”:[“greg.smith”],“body”:"Ticket Manager Instructions: Escalate incidents to contacts
identified starting with contacts on-shift. Attempt to establish contact every 1 hour(s) until ticket is successfully assigned to a technician.
Leave a voice mail or text message once every 1 hour(s) with each attempted contact.\n\n Owner Instructions:
Logs have indicated that a virus was detected on one of VDI instances.
Please decipmpacted, connect to the instance for further investigation. Verify the virus
is currently held in quarantine and delete if applicable.\n\nPrimary Contact:\nSpencer \n(\
n\nSecondary Contact:\nGreg Smith\n(\n\nEscalation Contact:\nChris \n(\n##
#\nTriggered condition: ${check_result.triggeredCondition}\nAlert Description: ${check_result.resultDescriptio

Hey @gsmith
You get it wrong

So I have a service called auth-service for the authentication of the users. This is the backend service which is written in typescript. In the auth-service I have different-different APIs for making tokens have token API /token for verifying that token I have /verify API for making token for the phone numbers I have /opt API - These types of API I have.

I already setup the log monitoring for these API’s with Graylog - and define the log-level as well. But haven’t setup the streams and notifications yet.

Now in my auth-service every API has different-different latency and functionality.
I need to make streams(rules), Notifications, and alerts in Graylog on API level.
For that I’m using the Graylog-rest-API - I wanna make new functionality for Graylog (streams/notification/alert) in auth-service code.

So whenever I make a new API in auth-service I just need to call the functionality which is already in our auth-service and just need to put some parameters. Stream/Notification etc… will automatically create for that API

hello @Rishav

Thank you for the explanation.

I do not know, or use this service auth-service . Only advice I could give you is where and how to use Graylog API system.

Unfortunately since I don’t use auth-service service I’m not going to be any help with the function nor how to use the code for that service, Sorry but maybe someone else here has done that

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