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I have a question about the installation of Graylog. I would like to use the ova file for installation. However, I saw in your documentation that "the Graylog appliance is not created to provide a production-ready solution, it is designed to provide a quick and easy way to try the software itself without losing time to install Graylog and its server components. " I want to implement the Graylog solution within the production infrastructure.

thank you in advance

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Then you shouldn’t use the OVA (or AMI) but use a different method of installation, which allows for more customization of the whole setup:

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The installation of Graylog with ova file, it’s just for have a test appliance ?

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Elasticsearch version 5.6.9, it’s good for Graylog 2.4.5 ?

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It’s a full-fledged installation with limited customizability which we don’t recommend to use in production.

Yes, see and

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thanks for the informations

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