Breaking out elasticsearch from OVA

Hello, we started off with the standard OVA and are now trying to add an independent elaticsearch cluster. We currently have node 1 configured. What is the syntax for basic authentication between graylog and elasticsearch? Do we need to shutdown the elasticsearch running on the ova? If so what is the procedure? Or, is specifying the Elasticsearch_hosts in the server.conf sufficient to force graylog to use our new cluster.

You can create a multi VM setup of multiple OVAs with the graylog-ctl command:

Using an external Elasticsearch cluster which is not “managed” by graylog-ctl is not supported by the virtual appliances.

Is there a downside to scaling graylog via this (ova) method? I.E. 3 graylog servers (load balanced) and 4 elasticsearch servers? Everything will be in a virtual environment.

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The virtual appliance is less customizable than other types of installation and officially, we don’t recommend to use it for production.

If you can operate with these limitations, it should be fine for you.

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