Installation and Graylog Client Configuration

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1: successfully installed Graylog on centos7 platform where i can access graylog Dashboard.

2: But unable to add my 4 remote server which is based on Linux but hosted at different data center so please suggest me how can i do it, i already did below steps:

added this /etc/rsyslog.d/90-graylog2.conf with below content

$template GRAYLOGRFC5424,"%protocol-version% %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME% %app-name% %procid% %msg%\n"
*.* @;GRAYLOGRFC5424

also restart rsyslog service and allow the necessary port from IPTABLES.

please advise.


(Jochen) #2

What type of input have you created in Graylog?
What’s the complete configuration of that input?
Is the correct IP address and 1514/udp the correct port of the input you’ve created in Graylog?

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Thanks for your quick reply.

yes i added below lines in my remote server at this path vim /etc/rsyslog.d/90-graylog2.conf

$template GRAYLOGRFC5424,"%protocol-version% %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME% %app-name% %procid% %msg%\n"

and following below steps to add this client machine on my Graylog:

1: Browsing this IP address (user name admin and Password is ****)
2: Here i selected system/Inputs —> Inputs after that i am getting this screen (for reference please find img1.png, img2.png, img3.png and img4.png)

but it giving me an error, so please advise.

Sandeep Singh

(Jochen) #4

There are no screenshots in this post.

Do you think it would be useful to share details about the error? :thinking:

(Sandeep Singh) #5

Can you please reply ?

(Jochen) #6

I’ve already replied. Unfortunately you’ve withheld any information which might lead to a solution of the problem.

(Sandeep Singh) #7

Input Type: Global
Bind Address:
Port Number: 514
rest info are pre-filled information.

i pointed Graylog Server Public IP address ( at this domain name

but it is not accepting to add under input.


(Jochen) #8

You’re using port 1514 in your rsyslog configuration.

(Sandeep Singh) #9

no i changed it with port number 514.
Also i can send log to from graylog client (logger -i “Message Log”) to graylogserver under /var/log/message.

(Sandeep Singh) #10

Hi Jochen,

Please let me know if you need any other information to resolve my issue.


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