Input start fail

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I have error input start failure but our environment still can sent log to Graylog.

Please explant to me

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Once I had the same problem as you. In my case,the network interface associated with a particular input was down :sweat_smile:.

On the other hand, do you have any other input configured to listen for the same port tcp/udp? (two inputs can not listen on the same port tcp/udp ). If this is not the case … have you tried restarting the graylog service? (on another occasion, the same thing happened to me, an input did not start and I resolved it by restarting the service)

I hope this helps.

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In this case use 514 port only.

I will try restart graylog service.

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I restart Graylog service by graylog-ctl reconfigure already but input still fail.

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Hi Chreawich;

How many inputs do you have ? What address, ports and protocol use each one ?

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Does it show fail on the System > Inputs page or is this only the Warning you have? The Warning will not remove themself after resolve. You would need to x the message away.

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“low ports” does not work - please see this Part in the FAQ

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