Input buffer is 100% and the logs are not sent to elasticsearch

Hi, I can see the messages coming in from the top right corner of the web console and input buffer of the index is showing 100% but the logs are not going in to the elasticsearch and I cannot see them in the search result. The installation was done with helm on kubernetes.

he @shaikmuzakkir

now it is time to investigate if Graylog can reach your elasticsearch at all or if it is simple overwhelmed or not accepting messages anymore.

That is nothing that anybody from the outsite can do for you - the root is within your installation.

Hello @Jan, I have checked elastricsearch is reachable from within the pod. Some of the data has already gone into elasticsearch. There is data going in for 2 hours and after which the input buffer keeps queueing up and the data doesn’t go into elasticseach. But if I restart the graylog pods, the data is seen getting in again into elasticsearch for 2 hours and again the input buffer starts queueing up. Any leads would be appreciated. Also I stopped the input to see if the messages in input buffer would get processed but they didn’t get processed. Thanks.

without any logs this is all just guessing / educated guessing maybe.

Provide some logs and you might get some help.

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