Graylog no Output

Earlier this morning I had issue with disk space, I had used 98% of my disk space and had to double the disk space. I then had some issues resizing but eventually was able to resize.
Now I am getting Inputs into Graylog but I am not getting Output.
Here is some screenshots:

Elasticsearch logs:

Graylog logs:

Any help would be appreciated

if someone can help me I’d be greatly appreciated as I am totally lost. I have tried everything I could find and nothing.

Heyo @markinhuszn,

Here are a few steps to do when Graylog stop outputting to elasticsearch:

  1. Stop Graylog
  2. Stop Elasticsearch
  3. Delete journal folder (Beware: Messages will get lost, but oh well)
  4. Restart Elasticsearch. Wait for green status. Watch that either with a tool like Cerebro of by manually querying the elasticsearch API via curl.
  5. Restart Graylog when Elasticsearch is green.
  6. Profit.

Try this, it normally works. At least my Graylog recovered in this way when it ran out of space :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply,
That did work to get output messages but it is not displaying on the Search section, any clues to why this might be?

edit: nvm its loading the messages very slowly.

Loading very slowly means, that the messages take some time to be processed or is the web UI slow?

I reckon the web UI is slow because on Kibana it loads quite fast, regardless took about an hour or so to catch up, not bad atleast its done.

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