Indices like Kiaban?

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Hi Team,

I am avvid ELK fan and just starting out with graylog mainly for LDAP integration and mainly for content pack. I need a few basics to be cleared out and would really appreciate if someone can help me with this?

  1. In Kibana we can make different indices according to the configuration in logstash like document-, logstash-; can we make similar in graylog?
  2. If not how and where graylog stores the data?
  3. What is the exact location on HD where those indices are stored?
  4. And what is exactly content-pack? Are those completely a setting imported along with Dashboard, widget etc…

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Ok my content-pack is answered. Its wonderful documentation I must say

Kudos guys!!

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He @blason

your index question is also answered, just follow:


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