Existing Elasticsearch and Graylog


I would like to ask if it is possible to get the existing indices in Graylog?

hej @budy_spencer

you can go in the graylog web interface to sytem / indices to get the list of Graylog indices in Elasticsearch.

If that is not what you are looking for, please be a little more specific.


I am writing my logs directly into elasticsearch with beats and my question is if I there is a possibility to get those indices in graylog.
From what I saw so far I can only get the indices which I defined directly in Graylog.

That’s correct and it’s the intended mode of operation for Graylog.

Importing indices written directly into Elasticsearch is not supported. If you’re really desperate to get these into Graylog, you could use the Logstash Elasticsearch input to read from Elasticsearch and the Logstash GELF output to send the documents to your Graylog cluster for reindexing.

Too bad, but thank you anyway. I think I am going to build a new cluster beside my current Elasticsearch and Kibana thingy. The user authentication and the permssion handling in Graylog is just splendid.

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