Indexer failures metrics

Hi !

I need to generate an alert on the indexer failure count. I found via api “api/system/metrics”, these metrics that do not reflect the actual number of indexer failures:


but in api “/system/indexer/failures/count” i see:

Any idea what is the metric that corresponds to this api method?

thanks a lot !

Hello, @lmontesoro

The thing is , those are found in the stream called Processing and Indexing Failures, you can create a widget for that stream and perhaps be able to the show “count” from you picture you posted, but any more details I would look into Grafana or if you under 2 Gb a day it free then try out the Operation/enterprise license.

Hi @gsmith , thanks for your reply!

In my streams, I only found my custom streams. Should I create the “Processing and Indexing Failures” ?

About Grafana, it’s a good approach, but what would be the metric that I should ‘count’ in this case?


That is default , no need to create that stream.

Not sure, I would look under “System/Node” click on the button called " Metric" and find what you want.

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