Any updates on diagnosing indexer failures?

I found this:|Getting%20Started|Indexer%20Failures|_____1


Problem is I can’t find that setting. The documentation only talks about the web interface, but that seems to have changed. I searched the Configurations site with strg + f for “fail” with no result.

Version: Graylog 5.1.5

To my understanding there should be (as of ~ Aug 4, 2022) an option to enable storing messages where indexing failed. But I can’t find any hint of that in my Graylog. Is it an Enterprise feature?

I guess almost, Operations seems to be another type of paid plan If I understand this correctly.

You are correct. It appears that is a paid/licensed feature.

However, any sort of errors like that should still be viewable in graylog’s server.log

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