Index Set details not loading

Hi Community,

today I realized that our graylog installation doesn’t load the index set details.
When I click on one of the index sets the index set details site is opende but the details of the indizes are loading infinite (see screenshot).

The rest of the Graylog system is working properly.
The last change on the system was an update of the OS (Ubuntu).
All three cluster nodes are rebooted.

How can I troubleshoot and fix this issue?
Has anyone a hint for me?


Hi Community,

I could identify the cause of the problem.
I created a new index set which causes the following elasticsearch error:

After deleting the created index set the indizes are showen again.
As you can see in the screenshot of the error message, it seems to be a rights problem of the user which created the index set btw. the indizes on elasticsearch.

So far so good. But for me it is confusing that all index set were affected.


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Glad you found out what the issue was and thank you for sharing it with us. Permission issue can be tricky.

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