Index and Analyze xml

Hi to all,

i’ve to indexing xml file with graylog, i’ve already added xml to graylog and i’ve already created a stream and a pipeline with extractor. My problem is that doesn’t exists a plugin for making a xpath query for extraction of attributes or childs and for adding the informations to index.
I wish thre is a method for indexing data from xml like flatten fields and make analysis and query on indexed data. Someone an suggest me a solution?


You could create a feature request for that at (although it’s unlikely to be implemented anytime soon if at all) or start writing your own plugin which contributes a function for the processing pipelines to process XML data.

See for a blog post about writing your own pipeline functions.

If you’re a Graylog Enterprise customer, we can also talk about sponsoring the development of such functions for you:

thanks for suggestions, i’ve open a new issue into github project page.

I wrote a plugin for extracting a simple XML field in a processing pipeline (the XML tagmatcher plugin). It can be found in the marketplace. But it does not support more complex structures, and I am not planning on extending it.

Yes, i know it but i have to treat more complex structures and attributes.


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