DMARC XML parsing with logstash and Graylog

Hi Guys,

Has anyone done parsing of XML files into Graylog? I am trying that but logs are not being ingested.

can someone please help me about parsing XML files into graylog? I am trying to parse DMARC XML files into graylog.

Blason R

As @jochen already pointed out in Extracting XML fields parsing of XML should happen before putting the logs into graylog.

Yes that is obvious and I am trying with logstash with below config or using the @wwalker config.

somehow the logs are not being ingested then.

Here is the config file I am referring to

Don’t try to write directly to elasticsearch, but use logstash GELF output plugin and a GELF input in Graylog.

This is what is done exactly!!! But dang its not going through. May be I try to debug now.

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