Incorrectly generated RPMs?

Is it just me, or have the RPMs created yesterday (Graylog 4.1.4, …) been generated incorrectly? It seems there are several with one or more 0-byte files in them, breaking things…

For what it’s worth, I’m deploying to CentOS via Ansible.

For now I work around this by overriding the repository RPM and installing an older version of Graylog…

Also, I noted that Graylog 4.1.4 seems not to be announced anywhere, it’s also not on the releases page (but there is a release on Github, and obviously there are the RPMs in the repository).
It appears that the Graylog 4.1.4 RPMs have just been removed from the repository, but the issue with the missing GPG key in the repository RPM still persists.

Hey there. We noticed this and actually pulled the release v4.1.4 & v4.0.12 Release Pulled | Graylog. We obviously weren’t quick enough, but we’ll be re-releasing those version later once we address what caused the RPM generation to fail.


Thanks for your reply, I obviously missed that news post.

Please note that there is also a problem with the graylog-4.1-repository_latest.rpm package as I mentioned in my first message.
While you have pulled the graylog release itself, this broken repository RPM still remains online (I just checked). Anyone adding the graylog repository by installing this package will end up unable to install anything from the repository due to failure of GPG signature verification.

You may want to restore graylog-4.1-repository-1-2.noarch.rpm as the “latest” RPM to fix this as well (and check other RPMs, my guess is that e.g. graylog-4.0-repository_latest.rpm would be affected as well).

Hi there, definitely noted! Our release team is working to make adjustments to the latest repo rpm to change it back to 4.1.3.

It should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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