Import logs to new graylog appliance


My Graylog server crashed recently and the appliance wouldn’t start. I have recovered the data directory where the log and the indexes are stored, is there any methode to import these logs to a new appliance graylog server.

Thank you in advance

appliance not for live service. it’s only for sandboxing.

For which application?
Graylog needs only a plugin directory, and config file at restore.
Everything else not related to Graylog community support.
The config stored in mongodb, logs in elasticsearch.

i used a live ubuntu OS to recover my old data, i copied the directory data from the path /var/opt/graylog/data
Now i’m trying to restore my old logs and configuration to a new graylog server (Graylog Appliance machine downloaded from graylog web site).

My question is how to import the configuration (Streams, Inputs, Alerts and notification) and logs to the new server?

Thank you for the help.


The Graylog Virtual Machine Appliance was designed only as a showcase of Graylog and its cluster mode. This appliance is intended for proof of concept, testing, lab or other such applications. Please, deploy this appliance in a network that is isolated from the internet. In most cases, Graylog does not recommend using this appliance in a production environment.

You need to restore the mongodb database. I have no information how can you do it.

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