I/O Error after Graylog Upgrade

Hi all,

I’m encontering a problem after upgrade Graylog. The login page remain blank even after a ton of modifications or updates :frowning:

The title appear and some scripts are loaded on the page but no content :frowning:

The log show this :

ERROR [ServerRuntime$Responder] An I/O error has occurred while writing a response message entity to the container output stream.
org.glassfish.jersey.server.internal.process.MappableException: java.io.IOException: Connection closed

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Connection closed

Does anybody have experience this already and can help me ?


What version did you upgrade GL?

What modifications did you do?

Is it possible to show a screen shot of this?

Did you check you firewall or SELinux if its blocking your GL ports?
Is this a single node or cluster?
Are you able to rotating the active write index (System/Indices/Index Set/Maintenance)?

@abcio IIRC, this might have something to do with the views, but without knowing any additional information like what @gsmith mentioned, this is nigh impossible to troubleshoot.

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Thanks you for your replys,

I first upgrade from 3.2.5 to 3.3 then the problem appear. At this time i upgrade to 4.0 but nothing better.
I upgrade Elastic and MogoDB.

The Elastic stack was green during a while but now it’s red :frowning: But if i remember, Graylog UI must show even if eslastic is red.

What i show on the web page :


Elastic show that error now :

If that can help the diag :slight_smile:


What version do you have on both of those?

Are you using HTTPS for graylog?

Sounds like you may have multiple problems.

The best thing I would suggest is making sure Elasticseach, MongoDb and Graylog services are running good. Check out the logs Elasticsearch, mongoDb, and Graylog make sure there is not a problem.

If you have HTTPS enable on Graylog see if you can disable that. The reseason I say this is it might be a problem with connecting to GUI.

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