I have to integrate fortigate with graylog for 1 client, if i have another client same firewall fortigate, what are the configuration changes need to be done

I would like to see the configuration, config i have given in fortigate is
config log syslogd setting
set status enable
set server
set port 1500
end , like this if i have another client with same firewall what changes need to be done.

Is your question how to send logs from a fortigate into graylog?

The basic concept is your log source device (e.g. fortigate) is configured to send to graylog on a specific IP (or host) and port. Typically syslog is sent via TCP (or UDP) 514, but this can be configured. As long as you have the appropriate input on the graylog side listening on the same port, the logs will be received.

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