How to add pfsense input into graylog. what configuration should be done on pfsense and graylog

Give steps , and extractors also.

Syslog is default on pfsense,

You could enable that and sens those logs tot graylog using a syslog input.
Basically extractors are only needed when you want tot extract specific data to monitor on that.

Good Luck.

for fortinet and sophos , what needs to be done on graylog and frotinet and sophos.

On Sophos create an output @ System Services >> Log Settings

Look at their documentation for more information like this one:

On Graylog create a syslog input at the default port or one to your likings
How to use Graylog as a Syslog Server.

For Fortigate >> Graylog as a starting point, Fortigate seems buggi, search for topics and solutions on that on this forum:

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On sophos firewall what needs to be enabled, can you send the configuration .

On Sophos XG it is like in this picture, adust the settings to your situation.

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