Howto: OVA 2.5.1 to 3.0 Package

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Hello, I was successful upgrade:

OVA 2.5.1 -> Debian package 3.0.

Follow the instructions to install Graylog 2.5 on the new server.

Stop Graylog and Elasticsearch services on the new server.

Make a /opt/graylog/mongodb/mongodump and a mongorestore in the new server.

Copy-paste all values from /opt/graylog/conf to respective files on the new server. (ex.: graylog node-id, node-name, elasticsearch.yml, …).

rsync -avh --progress --delete root@ova:/var/opt/graylog/data/elasticsearch/* /var/lib/elasticsearch/

chown -R elasticsearch. /var/lib/elasticsearch/

rsync -avh --progress --delete root@ova:/var/opt/graylog/data/journal/* /var/lib/graylog-server/journal/

chown -R graylog. /var/lib/graylog-server/journal/

You can run rsync copies whitout stop graylog on OVA, to reduce downtime, and after rsync “100%”, stop gralog services on OVA “graylog-ctl stop” and repeat the above commands to a full rely sync.

Now adjust de network interfaces, hostname… to same of the OVA.
Disconnect the OVA from network.

Access the Graylog URL (at port 9000, if the Nginx not installed/configured yet.)

For each indices (system/indices menu) do a Maintenance > “Recalculate index ranges”

Check yours inputs, streams, dashboards …

At this point you just migrated to a new server in package mode installation.

Now you can follow steps to upgrade to 3.0 version.

Adjusting de new config file:

After the sucessfull upgrade you can install/configure nginx too.

I hope I’ve helped.

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For this step, do we need to do some actual mongodb dump or restore command? I’m not clear on this.

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mongodump is on you OVA.
monngorestore is on you new server.

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