How to use eth0 for WebGui and eth1 for catching logs?

I have a Graylog server with two NIC each on different VLANs. I would like to have the Web GUI listening on eth0 and then using eth1 for receiving logs to separate log and web GUI traffic.

I know I can set the bind address of eth0 to the http for the Web GUI with http_bind_address but how do I bind the logging to eth1?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @runevee

Not pretty sure if it’s possible, but one thing you can try to do is set “http_bind_address” to

With this you’ll have the application listening the same port in both interfaces and then all you need to do is configure UI to bind in eth0 and sidecar and other inputs binding eth1.

Hope it helps

Thanks, okay. I will try this.

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Specify the IP address of the eth1 iface in the input configuration.
By default inputs listening on the wildcard so, it will be listening on all interfaces.

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