How to troubleshoot "Different number of columns in CSV data" error

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On a recent install of Graylog 4.3, my logs are showing the error: “Different number of columns in CSV data (26) and configured field names (27). Discarding input.” How do I troubleshoot where these is coming from and which input is causing the issue?

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  • OS Information:
    Running Graylog 4.3 in an aarch64 container in a k3s cluster. The pod is a statefulset with PV’s provisioned through an iscsi provider. Seperate pods (and storage) are being used for OpenSearch and MongoDB within the same k3s cluster.

Hello && Welcome @teknofile

Ill be honest, Not sure what you have going on. If you could be more descriptive about this environment & issue that would be great :+1:

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My guess is it’s a table issue. You have defined a certain number of columns but somewhere in the table there is an extra column?

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